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iPhone Case Review: Otterbox Commuter Series

For my second review of an Otterbox iPhone case, I’m going to look at their Commuter series. Unlike the first Otterbox case I looked at, the Reflex series, the Commuter is made up of two parts, one that covers the other. First, you put a soft silicone protective layer, designed to absorb shocks, on the […]

iPhone Case Review: Otterbox Reflex Series

I recently wrote about the first iPhone case I tried, the Speck Candyshell. Today I’m going to discuss another, similar case, the Otterbox Reflex Series. Like the Candyshell, this is a light case that protects the iPhone’s body, and which is designed essentially for shock protection. According to Otterbox: Surrounding each device with a cushion […]

iPhone Case Review: Speck CandyShell

As I mentioned recently, I’m new to the iPhone party. And I’m not going to take a €629 device and just stick it in my pocket without any protection, nor especially take it out of my pocket without something to cushion any shocks if it slips from my fingers. So I’ve been exploring iPhone cases, […]


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