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iWant: The Ability to Edit Metadata in the iBooks App

Update: there is a way to edit metadata. When Apple introduced the iBooks app, and moved ebooks from iTunes, it introduced an annoying constraint. You could no longer edit the metadata of your ebooks. You can’t change the author’s name – which you might want to do to display authors in last name, first name […]

Is Apple Planning to Bring Ebooks Back into iTunes?

I wrote earlier that a new Media Kind shows up in iTunes 12.1, and linked to a blog post where Doug Adams explained that there are two new “hidden” playlists in iTunes: Books and PDFs. This got me thinking. Could Apple be planning to bring ebooks back into iTunes? There was a logic to splitting […]

Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines Now Available from the iBooks Store

Apple has released an iBooks version of its iOS Human Interface Guidelines, which is free to download. This document used to be available only to developers, is now accessible to the general public. But, why? While there are certainly many people interested in knowing the details of Apple’s interface recommendations (and rules), it’s not very […]

Apple Refuses Ebook with Tits on Cover; French Go Crazy

According to Le Monde, Apple has refused to sell a book with a picture of tits on its cover. The publisher – a small press, which hardly anyone had heard of before this event – is crying foul. Using phrases like “censorship” and “a violation of freedom of expression,” this publisher is calling on the […]

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