Steve Jobs Biography Due in a Few Days

I’m guessing that a lot of readers of this blog will be buying Walter Issacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, which is due out on October 24. Interestingly, this is one day after the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the iPod, which is certainly one of the key moments in Jobs’ career.

This book is already the #1 selling book on Amazon, and it hasn’t been published yet. Unfortunately, it comes shortly after Jobs’ death, but in some ways it’s a good thing it could have been finished while he was still with us. I’m looking forward to reading it, to learn more about the man who did so much to change my life, and to have one final appreciation of all he did.

In some ways, it may be more fitting to read this book on an iPad. You can either buy it for the Kindle app, or a Kindle reader, or for the iPad’s own iBooks app. But having a hardcover version would be nice too.