Sonos: I Just Don’t Get It

Sonos has introduced a new, less expensive speaker, the Play:1; less expensive being $199. And this is for one speaker; if you want stereo sound, you need to buy two. Plus a Bridge (though Sonos has a promotion where you get a Bridge free if you buy a Play:1). Plus a Connect. So if you want stereo sound, that’s 2 x $199 + $349, or $749.

I don’t get it. While I understand the idea of having a streaming system around a house, where you can have speakers in different rooms, the cost of a basic Sonos system is well above the cost of a stereo that would sound just as good, plus a $99 Apple TV. I simply don’t see the attraction of the Sonos system. Yes, it offers easier access to streaming services, so if you want to use Spotify, it’s pretty simple. But you can get a decent stereo for less.

I’ve used an Apple TV for streaming for a long time. It’s easy to use, and offers more than just music streaming. So I don’t get why people are willing to pay the high prices for limited Sonos devices. If any readers use a Sonos system, I’d love an explanation. Feel free to comment below.

Update: Judging from the comments here, and a number of responses I’ve gotten on Twitter, Sonos really needs to work on explaining what their system does. Several people I know claim that they didn’t understand it at first; an audio system shouldn’t be hard to understand.