Six Colors: Why I [Dan Frakes] bought the iPhone 6 Plus

“It wasn’t until I stopped thinking of my iPhone as a phone, and started thinking of it as a computing device, that I warmed to the idea of a honking-big smartphone. My hope with the iPhone 6 Plus is that I’ll find myself carrying a second device much less frequently. Sure, the 6 Plus may be bigger than the “perfect” phone size, and it may be a tight fit in my front jeans pocket, but it’s still incredibly small for a powerful computing device, and as long as it fits in my pocket at all, it’s better than carrying a smaller phone and a bag or sleeve with an iPad or laptop inside.”

While the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t for me, Dan makes a good point. It’s a computing device, not a phone. I’d say I use my iPhone as a phone 1% of the time. I don’t want something as big as the 6 Plus, because it simply won’t fit in many of my pockets, but I can understand why some people want it. I’m curious to see if Dan keeps the 6 Plus or if he returns it.

via Six Colors: Why I bought the iPhone 6 Plus.

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