Share Your iTunes Radio Stations

Now that I can listen to iTunes Radio ad-free on my main Mac, I’ll be using it more often.

I have mixed feelings about iTunes Radio. One the one hand, it does let you listen to a good selection of music in a specific genre (or sub-genre), or related to a specific artist, album or song. I’ve been doing this lately with jazz. I’ve been a fan of several jazz artists – Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and others – but never really explored the vast discography of the genre, as I have with classical music. So there are a number of jazz iTunes Radio stations I’ve set up around specific artists, and there’s one – Bop Radio – which plays tons of different bebop tunes; that station has been getting a lot of rotation lately.

On the other hand, I’ve found that, with some iTunes Radio stations, you get the same music over and over. I’m not sure why; there are many more artists, albums and songs that could be played when you set up a station, but I often hear the same things. Part of this is the nature of iTunes Radio: it’s meant to tease you into buying music. As such, iTunes Radio promotes certain tracks, inserting them often in the rotation. Even if you like these tracks, you may get annoyed hearing them as often as in an FM radio playlist.

So, what’s interesting it to find ways to set up iTunes Radio stations that play interesting music. When you do this, you can share the stations. To do this, click on an iTunes Radio station, then click the share button and use one of the sharing methods.


An iTunes Radio station isn’t just a genre, artist or song; it’s also the tracks that you favorite or exclude, and it’s the Hits/Variety/Discovery setting you choose, which you can see above.

So, here are a few iTunes Radio stations that I’ve set up. Feel free to post links to yours in the comments:

Bop Radio – bebop jazz from the 1940s and 1950s.

Contemporary Classical – new classical music.

Miles Davis Radio – Miles and more.

Thelonious Monk Radio – Monk and more.

Grateful Dead Radio – Dead and related music. And I’ve excluded every Little Feat song the station keeps trying to sneak in.

Bob Dylan Radio – Bob and related artists.

Psychedelic Rock Radio – A selection of tunes that could fit that name; from the 60s to the 80s.

Delta Blues Radio – Old time blues; Robert Johnson and others.