Rogue Amoeba Intermission Lets You Pause and Rewind Live Audio

It always annoys me when I’m trying to listen to a radio station via a web-based streaming interface, and the phone rings. I have to hit pause, but then I miss what was on during my call. Or when there’s a concert on BBC Radio 3, and I want to eat lunch; I have to wait to be able to listen to it again no the iPlayer (if I remember).

001.pngRogue Amoeba, the company behind my go-to audio recorder (Audio Hijack Pro) and snipper (Fission) has just released the $15 Intermission, an app that buffers streaming audio, letting you pause and rewind live audio. So when the phone rings, I won’t miss anything!

After you install Intermission, the app stays in your menu bar. Click its icon, and you’ll see a menu letting you pause, skip back, skip forward, or go back to the live audio. You can adjust how much time to skip in the app’s preferences; so, if you want to be able to skip ads, set it for 30 seconds. Set keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to pause, resume, skip or return to the live audio.

If you listen to live streams on the radio, you’ll find Intermission invaluable. You can use it like I will, to recording live concerts or talk shows, then come back to them if I miss anything. Or you can use it skip through ads, if you’ve paused a stream for a while.

Download a free trial version of Intermission.