Review: Imperio Power Cable for Mac Improves Sound, Graphics and Jitter

I’ve been writing a lot about audiophiles and their foibles recently, but I must admit, I’ve been converted. Not so much to audiophile stuff, but to an addition to my Mac which has changed the way I work with my computer, and how I see and hear content played back on it.

imperio.jpgThe $475 Imperio power cable (, Amazon UK) is a directional power cable, designed so the cabling is inserted in the sheathing in the optimal direction for electron flow. This directionality affects the timing and coherence of the cable, and many things have changed on my Mac.

First and foremost, my Mac’s sound and video are more articulate and involving. This cable has conductors of silver-coated, oxygen-free copper (OFC), a foam polyethylene dielectric, aluminum-Mylar shielding, and a PVC jacket. The silver has an open, airy, clear, fast, and precise sound, and the foam polyethylene dielectric adds a silky sweetness to the mix, helping maintain the resolving properties of the silver without adding any trace of brightness or forwardness. There is a much broader soundstage with this cable, when listening to music in iTunes, and even system sounds – the classic Sosumi – sound more resonant, revealing their true depth and color.

As far as video performance is concerned, I’m seeing higher frame rates, the level of detail is impressive; this cable has a secure grasp of motion. The color palette looks natural while shadow areas are clear and clean. Even videos streamed from my Mac to my Apple TV look crisper and brighter, and sound via AirPlay is richer, warmer and more vibrant.

And, the best thing about this cable is that there is no jitter at all!

Startup time is reduced by about a second; not that much of a change, especially since I don’t often restart my Mac. But sleep is quicker to engage and it’s quicker to wake up the Mac.

Geekbench testing shows higher benchmarks than with the standard Apple power cable. 64-bit multi-core scores for this Mac exceeded 10,000, compared with averages in the low 9,000s which are generally seen for this model. Disk reads and writes are faster; the write speed increase is small, but read speeds are about 10% better than with the stock cable.

I can’t recommend this cable highly enough. It’s changed the way I work with my Mac. Take it from me, this one’s a winner.