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I sat, contemplating that this past week, with the parts of my Mac mini arrayed on a table before me, like a field-stripped rifle. In the midst of adding new RAM and an additional drive to the mini, I found myself remembering a few of my favorite easily upgradeable Macs of yesteryear.

Ah, the memories. Dan Moren writes about the good old days when you could open up a Mac and replace a part. I remember well digging inside old Macs, from the LC 475 to the Performa 6200, to the easy-to-open cheese-grater Mac Pro. The last time I opened up a Mac was back in 2010, when I installed a hybrid drive in a 2009 Mac mini.

I guess I miss this a bit, but things are so small these days that it’s just too hard to not make a mistake.

Source: Remembering the long-ago days of upgradeable Macs | Macworld

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1 thought on “Remembering the long-ago days of upgradeable Macs – Macworld

  1. I recall that era well – echo the sigh – and I owned both those Mac models mentioned (sigh again). After I bought my current car, it was several weeks until I thought to lift the bonnet and have a look at what was under there. I certainly wouldn’t attempt to improve on anything. How the world has changed! I did install the extra RAM chips to my current iMac though, a 27″ model from mid-2010. It came with an optical drive built-in. Cool!

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