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  1. I’ve have ReadKit since it came out, but I use it mostly for syncing over and saving my Instapaper clippings. I tried importing the OPML file from NetNewsWire but ReadKit was not very happy about the handling 1394 feeds I have in NNW 3.3.2 (most low-volume or close to extinct, with a lot of Flickr feeds).

    I preordered NNW 4.0 almost a year ago but never installed the beta because … it’s a beta, and I don’t want to mess up what’s working now.

    I do wish that Black Pixel were more on the ball and were able to move quickly when Google announced the departure of Reader. I never trusted Google with GR and my suspicions were well-founded, and I’ve been able to snag all my feeds without any problems just by using NNW.


  2. Of course, I’m on 10.8 and you’d already reported increasing flakiness under Mavericks, so I might end up migrating to something else when I jump to Yosemite…


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