Ping Removes My Comment on an Album

No, it’s not what you think; it’s not censorship. It’s not because I said anything untoward.

You see, I made a comment on the new Steve Reich album, Double Sextet, 2×5 last week, when it was listed on the iTunes Store as a pre-order. It was due to be released today, and it is, indeed, available. But the comment I posted – and the comment posted by a friend – are missing from my profile.

The only think I can think of is that the album was listed as a pre-order, and now that it’s released, the pre-order listing has actually been deleted. If so, that seems kind of odd. Lots of people may want to post about, like and comment or albums that are listed for pre-order, and if those posts disappear when the album finally reaches the iTunes Store, then all of that pre-order buzz that may have existed will just disappear.

Ping is still experiencing growing pains, so one should hope that they figure out this type of incident. It’s odd, and certainly doesn’t help the music.

In the meantime, you can listen to a stream of the entire album from NPR. If you’re not familiar with Steve Reich’s minimalist music, this is a good starting point.