Move a Dropbox Sub-Folder to an External Hard Drive

Since I now have 1 TB storage with Dropbox, I can’t use all that storage on the startup drive of my Mac Pro, which is only 256 GB. So I was looking for a way to move one of my sub-folders – a Backup folder – to another disk.

Jeff Carlson, over at TidBITS, explained how to do this in an article from last year, How to Relocate a Dropbox Subfolder to Another Disk.

I’d recommend quitting Dropbox first, then moving the folder as Jeff explains. You can do this with Terminal:

mv [folder-path] [new-enclosing-folder]

where folder-path is the current path of the sub-folder in Dropbox, and new-enclosing-folder is the folder in which you want to move it.

This freed up a Backups folder which, currently, was about 12 GB, but which will get a lot larger, as I can now back up so much more data to Dropbox. Since it’s all backups, I don’t need access to it in the Dropbox folder itself; I’ll only need to access it if I every lose any of the files locally.