More on Scribd

I wrote last week about my dissatisfaction with Scribd, the “Netflix of books,” whose 400,000+ books turns out to be much less in the UK, where I live. I got some more information from the company.

First, I’m told there are 277,000+ books available to UK readers. According to my explorations of the Scribd library, that difference in 130,000 books is most likely major publishers; there’s way too much self-published dreck, and it’s unlikely that people publishing like that limit access by territory.

Second, I was told that the company is working on fixing the fact that people can see books they can’t read. Frankly, I find it surprising that this wasn’t the first thing they did when they expanded outside the US. It’s probably just a few lines of code that can remove books from what one can see if they’re not available in a given country.

Scribd also sent me a code that you can use to get a free three-month trial; that’s two months more than the standard free trial. So click this link and enter the promo code Kirkville to get a three-month free trial. If you’re in the US, it looks like this is worth checking out. If not, remember that many of the books you see won’t be available for you to borrow.