Mac Pro Take 5: Wow, This Thing Sure is Fast!

I don’t do much work with graphics or video, so I can’t really push my Mac Pro to its limits to see have fast it really is in harsh conditions. But recently, having bought a new 80 GB iPod video, I wanted to rip some music DVDs to put on the iPod to test them out. My son, Perceval, also wanted to rip his U2 DVDs so he can have them when he gets his new (only 30 GB) iPod.So Perceval started ripping a DVD on his iMac G5 (2 GHz with 1.5 GB RAM), using Handbrake. When I saw it would take four hours, I told him to let me try; after all, with a Mac Pro, I figured it would be a few times faster.

Well, I slid the DVD into my drive, started up Handbrake, and, using the same settings started ripping. It took me a mere 30 minutes! That’s seven times faster than the iMac G5! (I have 2 GB RAM, but I doubt that makes much of a difference.)

So this thing is fast indeed… I don’t really have many other needs for speed, but it’s reassuring to see that processor-intensive work goes so much faster than my old iMac.

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