Listen To Me as New Co-Host of The Committed Podcast

The Committed Podcast Icon 1400x1400 01Starting this week, I’m co-hosting The Committed, a weekly tech podcast with Ian Schray and Rob Griffiths. I’ve known Rob for more than ten years, having worked on the Mac OS X Hints website, filling in for him, several times, then editing the site for Macworld after his departure. I’d never met Ian before, and it was delightful to talk with him.

You can listen to my first appearance in Episode 21, “Supporting Creativity”, where we discuss watching the upcoming winter Olympics with streaming devices, Apple’s 1.24.14 video, my review of Writer Pro on Macworld, trademarks and patents, and my pick of the week, the new iOS game Threes.

I’ll be co-hosting The Committed every week, and I’ll be posting links to future episodes. You can subscribe via iTunes or RSS, or listen on the show’s web site. We generally record and publish episodes on Thursdays. I’ll be discussing a lot of my interests on the show, especially music, so tune in if you want to hear more.

Listen to this week’s show.