Learn how to Tag Your iTunes Content

Imagine what your iTunes library would be like if all your songs just had random characters for their song, artist, and album names. You’d never find what you want to listen to. But even if your iTunes library’s tags are mostly correct, any erroneous tags may prevent you from finding your music. If an artist’s name is spelled wrong, for instance, or if there’s a typo in a song name you won’t find your favorite tunes when you search in iTunes. And if you’ve left some tags blank, some of your music won’t display in certain views.

For all these reasons it’s a good idea to take a look at your iTunes library and ensure that your tags are filled in and correct.

Learn more about tagging your iTunes content in my latest Macworld article, The right way to tag everything in iTunes. And check back tomorrow for part 2, in which I will deliberately destroy tags of 500 music files, and test out apps that claim to fix them.