Become an iTunes Power User with Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ

tc-itunesUpdate, May 2015: A new version of this book covering iTunes 12 is due out around the beginning of June… Check back to see when it’s available.

My ebook, Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ was a best-selling compendium of tips, tricks and explanations about how to use iTunes to wrangle your digital media collection. And now, with iTunes 11 pulling the rug out from under long-time iTunes users, I’ve updated the book to cover all the new features in iTunes 11.

Take Control Books has just released Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ. At 235 pages for the PDF edition (page counts aren’t relevant to ePub and Kindle versions), there are dozens of pages of new and updated content in this second edition. Priced at $15 (with special upgrade prices for owners of the first edition), this book helps you appreciate and understand the process of bringing media into iTunes, tagging it, adding album artwork, and organizing it into playlists.

Once you’ve become an import specialist and tagging genius, you can enjoy your music, movies, audiobooks, and ebooks, and more without hassles when you want to do something special. Learn how to sync a select subset of music to your iPod, create a party playlist, identify music you haven’t heard in a while, listen to the chapters in an audiobook in the proper order, or get the most out of iTunes in the Cloud features, including iTunes Match.

And this book takes a close look at features new to iTunes 11: the new ways to view your content, how to use the Up Next song queue feature, how to get the most out of the MiniPlayer window, how to search and much more.

To see what’s new in Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ, go to the link below and click the What’s New tab.

So, if you want to be an iTunes power user, get a copy now – in PDF, ePub or Kindle format, or any combination of the above – from Take Control Books

Watch me or hear me discuss the book on the Mac Voices podcast with Chuck Joiner in January, 2013.