iWant for iTunes: More Font Size Options

I got a new Apple 27″ Cinema Display today. It’s a beautiful screen, and I especially like the ability to make my iTunes window bigger. I can display more columns than before, seeing much more information about my music. However, given the higher pixel density of the screen (there are more pixels per inch than the 24″ I was using before), everything looks smaller. iTunes lets you make some changes in the preferences, choosing between “Small” and “Large” for font sizes in the source list (the sidebar) and in list view.

iTunes needs to offer more font sizes. Small and large aren’t enough; there should be the same types of options as with other programs. Even if iTunes doesn’t allow you to choose different fonts, there should be more font sizes for new displays with smaller pixels.

And while I’m at it, there should be a preference for the font size in Finder window sidebars. As pixel densities increase, users just see these things get smaller and smaller with no way to adjust them.