iWant: Dvorak Keyboard Layout on iOS Devices


I use a Dvorak keyboard layout on my computers; you know, the one that has a more logical layout than QWERTY. I’ve been using it since I became a freelancer in 1996: at that time, I realized that I needed to learn to touch-type, and did some research about keyboard layouts.

But when I use my iPod touch, I have to use that darned QUERTY layout. Why can’t Apple provide a Dvorak layout for their mobile devices? It’d probably be pretty useful, actually, since, with all the vowels on the left side, you tend to go from hand to hand more often, and you’d go from thumb to thumb.

And with the iPad, it would be a boon to be able to touch type rather than hunt and peck. I know I can use an external Bluetooth keyboard, but that defeats the purpose. Please, Apple, start including a Dvorak keyboard layout on iOS.