iWant: App Folders in iTunes

As of today, I’ve got 349 apps in my iTunes library. I only have a few dozen on each of my iOS devices, but since I review apps, and write a lot of articles about apps, I’ve accumulated quite a lot. I delete some of them every now and then, but there’s still a lot.

There are a few ways to view apps in iTunes. You can view in a list, or see only those apps that work on an iPhone or iPad. But that’s it; you can’t view them grouped by genre (though you can sort them by name, date, genre, etc.), or by any other way. You just get one big grid of apps.


Wouldn’t it be great if iTunes let you create folders for apps? So you could store all your games in one folder; your productivity apps in another; and your news apps in a different folder. This would also make it much easier to sync apps. If, instead of there being one long list on the sync screen, there were a series of folders with sub-folders, it would be a lot easier to sort your apps and choose what to sync. For example, you could uncheck an entire folder of games or social media apps if you want.

And, while I’m at it, how about smart playlists for apps? You could have a playlist of apps you’ve downloaded in the past month; another for games; another for apps that you’ve rated with a certain star rating (because, hey, while I’m at it, star ratings, as for other types of media in iTunes, would be useful too), and more.

As our app collections grow, Apple needs to come up with some way to help us rein them in. Folders would be a good start. Smart playlists would be a big help. Anything would be an improvement.