iTunes Tip: Use the Hidden iTunes Store Power Search

Searching the iTunes Store can be difficult. There are many types of content, and you can get hundreds of results for some searches.

The iTunes Store used to have a Power Search link in its page footers. You could choose to search specific types of content, and enter search terms in appropriate fields, such as Artist for music; Author for books; Actor for movies; etc. With iTunes 11, this link disappeared, but there’s still a way to get to it.

This link first opens in your default browser, which redirects the link to the iTunes app and the Power Search interface in the iTunes Store.

iTunes Power Search

As you can see above, when searching for movies, you can limit your searches by Movie Title, Actor, Year, Genre, Rating, and even search only for movies available to rent, or with closed captioning. With music, you can search by Artist, Composer, Song, Album and Genre.

I don’t know whether this Power Search interface will be around for a long time, but if you find searching the iTunes Store to be a chore, try using the iTunes Store Power Search.

Update: Doug Adams shows how to do this with an AppleScript directly from iTunes. His solution is much easier.

Also: Thanks to Marcus who pointed out in the comments that using itms instead of http bypasses the web browser. This makes the search a step quicker.