iTunes Tip: Find a File on Your Hard Disk

iTunes is great for organizing and managing libraries of music, videos, audiobooks and more. I personally find it very practical to let iTunes manage the locations of my files in the Finder. Occasionally, however, I need to find an actual file in the Finder. I might want to make a ringtone from a music file, or I might want to copy a video file to another hard disk. Rather than root around in your iTunes Media folder, there’s an easier way to find files.

To reveal a file in the Finder (or in the Windows Explorer), right-click on a file, then choose Show in Finder (or Show in Windows Explorer). (Or click on a file, then press Command-Shift-R.) A window will open with the selected file highlighted.

Show in finder

There’s another way you can do this. If you’re displaying the Info window for an item (select an item and press Command-I on a Mac, or Control-I on Windows), the Summary tab will show the full path of a file. In the Where section, near the bottom of this pane, you can see this path. If you right-click on this path, you can also show the file in the Finder (or the Windows Explorer).

Show in finder2

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