iTunes Store Wish List Now Visible in iTunes Library

As I wrote the other day, iTunes 11 was released with a new feature to view the iTunes Store Wish List in your library, but nobody could find that feature. This Wish List feature has now appeared.

I speculated that there was a glitch on the back end preventing this feature from displaying:

Parts of the iTunes interface use WebKit, the HTML rendering engine used for Safari and other web tools; this is the case with the sidebar, and I have a feeling that the Wish List will show up there, but that something went wrong on the server side.

This could explain how the Wish List is now visible.

To see the Wish List, go to any of your iTunes libraries – Music, Movies, etc. – and you’ll see a small button at the top right with three horizontal lines:


If you don’t have the sidebar visible as I do (View > Show/Hide Sidebar), then you’ll see an iTunes Store button to the right of the Wish List button, like this:


Click that button to see the Wish List:


You’ll see the Wish List itself, and if you click Previews, you’ll see a list of items you’ve recently previewed in the iTunes Store, even if you didn’t add them to your Wish List. You can obviously choose to buy any of these items by clicking the buttons next to their names.

I question the usefulness of having an iTunes Store Wish List available from your library. But it does make it a couple of steps quicker if you want to buy something that you’ve added to the Wish List: you no longer have to switch to the iTunes Store and click on the Wish List there.

In any case, it is now visible, and I reiterate the comment I made when I first reported about this feature: “I find it quite embarrassing for Apple to announce a new feature in a software update yet not have that feature available.”