iTunes Store Pre-Orders and Season Pass Downloads are Broken

In recent weeks, the iTunes Store’s pre-order and season pass alerts seem to be broken. I have a few albums on pre-order, and I have a season pass for Breaking Bad. Both of these generate alerts which seem disconnected from the iTunes Store.

Here’s what happens with Breaking Bad. Each week, so far, I have gotten a notification that there was a new episode available.


When I check downloads in iTunes (Store > Check for Available Downloads), I’m told there’s nothing. If I go to the Breaking Bad page in the iTunes Store, I see that there is an episode; but not a real one. It’s the “Inside Breaking Bad” episode, the 3-4 minute one that talks about the latest episode. Which I certainly will not watch before the actual episode.


Meanwhile, I don’t get any alerts when the full episode is available, and when I check for downloads, nothing gets downloaded. I have to download the episode from the Breaking Bad page in the iTunes Store; it’s not even in my Purchased list.

(Update: Interestingly, shortly after posting this article, I went back to the Breaking Bad page on the iTunes Store, and the Inside Breaking Bad episode, which I downloaded, is no longer showing as available.)

Another problem occurs with pre-orders. I got an email this morning for a pre-order of the latest Bob Dylan release, Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10:


I checked for downloads, and it was not there. But this makes sense; the album is not due to be released until tomorrow.

002.png While I’ve seen pre-orders become available a day or two before the announced date, I doubt this happens often.

Just to make sure, I checked my Purchased list, and the Dylan album does not show up.

I don’t know why the iTunes Store is so broken, regarding pre-orders and season passes. The Breaking Bad problem has been happening since the beginning of the current (half-)season. This is the first time I’ve seen it for music, however, but I don’t regularly pre-order many albums.

So, if you have pre-orders or season passes, you may need to check several times to get your content. Especially for TV shows, you may find, like me, that you need to actually download them from the show’s page, and not depend on the iTunes Store’s Purchased list.