iTunes Radio Now Totally Ad-Free for iTunes Match Subscribers

itunes_radio_-600x3001.jpgWhen iTunes Radio was launched, one of its features was that iTunes Match subscribers wouldn’t hear ads. But this was only the case of your device had iTunes Match turned on. So if you had an iTunes Match subscription, but didn’t want iTunes Match turned on on a specific device or computer, you’d hear ads. This wasn’t fair, and Apple relaxed that recently for iOS devices.

I did some listening to iTunes Radio on my main Mac last week – which doesn’t have iTunes Match on – and noticed I wasn’t hearing ads. Throughout the weekend, I listened a fair amount, and had some friends test it as well. It seems that the requirement to have iTunes Match turned on has been dropped, and that all iTunes Match subscribers – as long as they’re signed into the iTunes Store – will no longer hear ads.

I’ve been listening to Bop Radio a lot over the past few days. There’s a broad selection of bebop jazz. Check it out.

Let me know if you are seeing the same behavior.