iTunes Match Still Kinda Sucks

Just saying…


That’s the mono version of Miles Davis’ Milestones. Which is on the iTunes Store.

I added all nine CDs from the Miles Davis: The Original Mono Recordings to my iTunes Match library, and, out of 70 tracks, 51 matched and 19 were uploaded. That’s a match rate of 73%.

Sure, I’ve got some discs where all tracks match, and others where none match. But Apple really needs to improve the matching algorithm; it’s simply a failure that only 3/4 of the tracks on these 9 albums, which are in the iTunes Store, match. (I ripped them in iTunes Plus format, 256 kbps AAC, but the format should have no effect on the accuracy of matches.)

001.pngRead what Apple says about matching: “And for the few songs that aren’t…” In other words, they suggest that only a handful of songs won’t match because they’re not available from the iTunes Store. But I’m not writing here about songs that aren’t in that pool of 26 million; I’m writing about the ones on albums that are in the iTunes Store, where only some songs don’t match.

I can point to any number of albums where one track doesn’t match. For example, the last track on each of two Grateful Dead albums, American Beauty and Workingman’s Dead, gets uploaded. And these are two of the Dead’s most popular songs: Truckin’ and Casey Jones. If you use iTunes Match, I’m sure you see the same thing when you scroll through your library.

So, yes, iTunes Match still kinda sucks. Apple needs to improve the matching algorithm. Oh, and raise the 25,000 track limit too.

Note: I spotted something interesting when looking at this set in the iTunes Store. I have 70 tracks, and the iTunes Store says “79 items” for the set. I checked each album, and they’re the same. So the iTunes Store counts the album itself as an “item.” I think what’s happening is that the iTunes Store listing has one line for each album name, as well as one line for each track; hence it is counting each line as an item.