iTunes 11 Update Includes Feature to View Wish List in Your Library; But No One Can Find It

Apple released an update to iTunes yesterday, with the following release notes:

This version of iTunes adds the ability to see your Wish List while viewing your iTunes library, improves support for Arabic and Hebrew, and includes additional stability improvements.

The odd thing about this update, though, is that the Wish List feature is nowhere to be found.

I find it interesting that many web sites mention this feature, but most don’t say that it’s not there. (That’s not the case for Macworld, where Jon Seff says, “iTunes 11.1.4 purportedly liberates your Wish List from the confines of the Store.”)

I wonder what happened. Parts of the iTunes interface use WebKit, the HTML rendering engine used for Safari and other web tools; this is the case with the sidebar, and I have a feeling that the Wish List will show up there, but that something went wrong on the server side. I find it quite embarrassing for Apple to announce a new feature in a software update yet not have that feature available.

I’ll post more if it suddenly appears in my iTunes.