iTunes 11: See Aggregate iTunes Radio Listening History

iTunes002.pngIf you use iTunes Radio, you know that you can see a history of what you’ve listened to on a given station by clicking on the station’s icon. The iTunes window expands that icon to show this history, along with artists or songs you’ve added as favorites, and others that you don’t like.

But what if you’ve heard a song you like, but can’t remember which station it was on? There’s a way to view your aggregate iTunes Radio history for all stations.

Just click the Up Next icon, either in the iTunes LCD or in the iTunes Mini Player (the Up Next icon is surrounded by the red box in the screen shot to the left). A menu will unfold – like the Up Next menu – showing each station, and the last 100 tracks you’ve listened to, in reverse chronological order.

The menu also tells you which device you listened to during each session. So if you listen on different computers, and on iOS devices, you’ll be able to scan the list and see which device you listened to. This may help you find the track you’re looking for.

I note that I see a number of tracks marked Unknown Title. I assume that iTunes has simply lost track of those.