iTunes 11: AppleScript to Edit Tags of Multiple Media Types

Update: Apple fixed this in iTunes 11.1.2.

I recently posted an article pointing out that, in iTunes 11.1, you can no longer edit tags of multiple media items. As I explained:

“Let’s say you’ve just bought some music by download: from the iTunes Store, or from any other purveyor of digital music. You may get more than just music: you may get a digital booklet (a PDF file replicating liner notes), or even a music video. These are different types of media: the music is audio files, the digital booklet is a PDF, and the video is, well, a video.

“Previously, you could select all these items and tag them. So if you wanted to change the album or genre tag, for example, for the music, PDF and video, you could do it all at the same time. After all, you probably want the PDF to be stored in your Music library, which makes it easy to find. (That’s where digital booklets go, by default.)”

Well, I got in touch with Doug Adams, of Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes, to see if he could whip up an AppleScript to solve this problem. Being the fast worker that he is, Doug whipped up an app called Multi-Media Items Edit. This script “provides basic tag editing for a selection of tracks of any media kind.”


Select some tracks in iTunes, run this script, and you’ll be able to assign a number of tags to all the items. You can do this with any combination of items: music, books, digital booklets (PDF files), movies, etc.

Thanks to Doug for coming up with such a quick solution. This isn’t a problem that a lot of people will face often, but it’s a time-saver if you want to work with different types of files and change their tags.