Is Apple Finally Getting Rid of the Glare?

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is preparing to release a non-reflective iPad.

Output of the larger iPad may be restricted by manufacturing complications related to the use of a new anti-reflection coating, which Apple plans to add to the device to make the display easier to read, said one of the people.

Apple’s embrace of reflective displays is one thing that annoys me. As I type this, I’m looking at a 27″ Thunderbolt display, which has a reflective surface. I’ve got it set up in a room, and at an angle, so the glare doesn’t bother me. But there is a light on the ceiling of my office, and I can’t turn it on because of the glare of the display. My MacBook Pro has glare too, but it’s easier to move it to an angle where the glare doesn’t bother me. As for the iPad, there are times when the glare doesn’t bother me, but at other times it’s an annoyance.

The glossy displays certainly look better in certain situations, but overall, they’re troublesome. I look forward to Apple’s working with better anti-reflective coatings for all their devices. It will be interesting to see whether this is standard or optional, and which devices will offer it.