iPhone Case Review: Speck CandyShell

As I mentioned recently, I’m new to the iPhone party. And I’m not going to take a €629 device and just stick it in my pocket without any protection, nor especially take it out of my pocket without something to cushion any shocks if it slips from my fingers. So I’ve been exploring iPhone cases, based on recommendations from friends and readers, and this is the first of a handful of reviews that I’ll be posting.

The first case I got was a Speck Candyshell in black and gray. It was cheap, and seemed to meet my needs: a simple case, that would protect the iPhone from falls. I don’t believe that I need a screen protector, but I wanted something solid and unobtrusive.

The Speck Candyshell is just that. After you struggle a bit to get it on the iPhone, it fits like a glove, and the rubberized interior makes sure the iPhone doesn’t move a millimeter. The back of the case is smooth, glossy plastic, which gets scratched pretty quickly (though not seriously), and the front has a raised rubberized edge to protect the screen if you drop the iPhone screen side down.

One thing I don’t want is a case that is very heavy. The iPhone weighs 138g, and the Speck Candycase only adds another 27g (though that’s still 20% of the weight of the iPhone). For this type of protection, you probably can’t get much lighter, unless you go with a flexible silicon case.

There’s enough room on the bottom to connect a dock cable, and access to the buttons is simple on the sides. There’s a hole for the camera and flash, and a decent sized hole for access to the headphone jack. All in all, this is a fine case, and is close to what I was looking for. While I think I found something a bit better (see an upcoming review), for what it cost (a mere €8; you can get it from Amazon.com for around $12), this is certainly a good deal.

Speck Products has a wide range of cases for iPhones, as well as plenty of other devices. While I don’t live in an area where I can see many of them first-hand, their website shows the variety of protection they offer for different needs.

If you’re a vendor who makes iPhone cases, feel free to contact me (there’s an e-mail link in the sidebar to the right). I’d be happy to mention any cases I receive that I like.