iOS 7 Music App: Customize the Button Bar to Access Music More Easily

2013-11-14 09.45.16.pngIf you listen to music on iOS 7, and use Apple’s Music app, you may find navigation a bit clunky. There are different ways to access music, and you may not use the methods that Apple has chosen.

At the bottom of the Music app is a button bar, with four icons, followed by a More button. From left to right, these are Radio, Genius, Playlists and Artists. But what if you don’t want to use these buttons, and would rather find music by, say, Genre or Composer. What if you listen to audiobooks a lot, and would like access them more quickly?

Fortunately, you can change the icons that display in the button bar. To do this, tap More, then tap Edit at the top of the window that displays. You’ll see something like the screenshot to the left.

Drag any button in red from the tap section to the button bar. As you do this, it will replace the button on which you drag it. So if you wanted to replace Playlists in the button bar by Composers, drag the Composers button onto the Playlists button. If you never use iTunes Radio, it’s a good idea to replace that button with something more useful. And if you don’t like Genius – it’s in the button bar by default, but not in the screen shot, because I don’t use it – just drag another button onto the Genius button to replace it.

When you’ve finished, tap Done. You can change these buttons at any time, so if you find that you’d prefer accessing music in a different way, just edit the button bar again.

Note: you may not have all these buttons. If you have no audiobooks on your iOS device, you won’t see a button for that category, and if you haven’t turned on Genius in your iTunes library, that button won’t show up either.