Individual Shows from Grateful Dead Europe ’72 Set Now Available

It didn’t take long. Before many of the original purchasers received their box sets (see Europe 72 is Here for more about the set), the Grateful Dead, or rather Rhino Records, announced that they’ll be releasing all 22 shows individually.

For now, there are only six shows available, at prices of $25 and $30 (3 and 4 discs, respectively), but eventually they’ll all be released. In addition, there are stickers and magnets and even a t-shirt; not essential, in my opinion, but some may like them. (I’d rather see a poster, to be honest.)

So, if you couldn’t spend the $450 for the box set, you can still get the shows you want, or even all of them, one at a time. For now, they’re only available from the Grateful Dead website, but that may change in the future as well. If they’re available from Amazon, they may be discounted enough to end up cheaper than the box set. And who knows if they’ll be available digitally? I’m still waiting for that Grateful Dead themed iPod…

In the meantime, if you just want a taste, you can buy the original Europe ’72 release, or the just-out Europe ’72 Vol. 2, a very nice selection of songs from the tour, including a juicy 30-minute Dark Star from 5/7/72. If you like the new release, you may want to discover more.