I Used to Be Able to Find My Way With My iPhone; Then Apple Released Their Own Maps

Up until yesterday, I would often use the Maps app on my iPhone to find my way, among some of the smaller streets in the town where I’ve only lived since the beginning of the year. But now, when I look at the Maps app, I can’t even see the smaller streets. This screen shot shows the area around my neighborhood:

While there is a bit of contrast here on a computer, on an iPhone, those smaller streets don’t show up at all. With the previous Maps app, I could see them all. (I’ve made all the screen shots in this article roughly the size of the iPhone display; if I took the actual screen shots, given their resolution, they would look much better than they do in reality. A retina display is nice when you’re looking at details, but the display is still small.)

And in the center of the town, again, the streets are visible on this screenshot, but on the iPhone, it’s nearly impossible to see them (and I’m not even outside, where daylight will make it harder):

To be fair, when I zoom in, I get information that wasn’t previously available in France. But with the small size of the iPhone screen, it’s hard to see the small streets unless you’re zoomed in a lot, and that makes it hard to find anything more than a few blocks away.

So this is a huge step backward, because of Apple’s choices for how to display their maps. I hope that Google releases an app of their own, allowing users to access their better-designed maps.