How Many Spotify Tracks Are Unavailable?

I’ve been on a Miles Davis kick lately, having recently read a biography of him (Miles Davis: The Definitive Biography, by Ian Carr;, Amazon UK), and currently reading his autobiography (, Amazon UK. I’ve got a lot of his albums, but there are some I don’t have. I went to Spotify to check them out, thinking that, perhaps, finally, I should pony up the ¬£10 a month for a music streaming service.

Alas, I was surprised when the first album I wanted to hear wasn’t entirely available. As you can see, about half of this three-disc set is available to stream:


I thought this was just bad luck, so I looked around at some other jazz artists I was interested in. I found that this is a trend. For example, here’s are two John Coltrane albums, each of which has one unavailable track:



And here’s a Charles Mingus album:


In the case of the Mingus, many of those tracks are available on other albums. But I find it odd that the occasional track – or, in the Miles Davis case, half a three-disc set – is not available on Spotify. I had assumed that when they had an album, it was all available to stream.

I haven’t done a lot of searching on Spotify, but is this common? Are there a lot of tracks that you can’t stream?