How Do Shared iTunes Radio Stations Work?

With iTunes Radio, you can share stations with your friends. You can’t do this with the Featured Stations – the ones Apple curates – but you can with any you create. However, some of the stations you create may be pre-packaged stations, based on artists or genres.

001.pngHere’s an example. There’s a Contemporary Classical radio station that I added to iTunes the other day, which has bits and pieces of recent “classical” music. I didn’t create this station myself; I selected it from the stations that showed up when I clicked on the Classical genre. I tweeted about it, and someone added it to their iTunes Radio stations. So it displays, as you can see here, with 1 Follower.

But what does that mean? Will anyone who’s added an iTunes Radio station from a link you share automatically get all the changes you make to the station? Because you can choose a setting in the Tune this station section, and you can add artists or songs to the Play more like this section, and you can also block artists or songs in the Never play this section.

If the station is shared, then, will all users get the same Play more and Never play information when they listen to the station? Do you want to try? Here’s a link to the Contemporary Classical station. I’ve added Steve Reich, Bang on a Can and So Percussion to the artists I want to hear more of. And I’ve added Black Sabbath to the Never play section. If you add this station, do you see the same?

Update: If, as the comments below suggest, you don’t see the Play more or Never play sections with a shared radio station, then you are, indeed, following someone else’s choices. I find this surprising for a preset station – the one I experimented here is one of iTunes’ sub-genre stations.