Hardware Notes: Belkin Charge+Sync Dock for iPhone

71bQtPPPf5L._SL1500_.jpgAfter I got my new Mac Pro, I decided to clean up my desk a bit. Gone are the random papers and gadgets that used to surround my workspace; now I have a clean desk, and I can see the nice oak beneath my hands and around my keyboard and trackpad.

One thing I needed, however, was a better way to connect my iPhone and iPod touch when syncing. I used to lay them flat on the desk and connect them to a lightning cable. But that’s annoying; since the cable connects at the bottom of the devices, I needed to turn them with the cable coming out toward me to be able to see notifications and texts on my iPhone, and that cable gets in the way.

So I thought of getting a dock. I queried some friends, and asked on Twitter, and Manfred L. recommended the Belkin Charge+Sync Dock for iPhone. (Amazon.com, Amazon UK) One thing that was important was that the dock fit with the the iPhone and the case I have; an Evutec Karbon Sleek case in teak. (Apple Store.) The case is only 7mm thick, so I thought the dock should work.

Well, it does. The dock fits with the case on the iPhone, and probably with a few mm to spare. It sets the iPhone at a good angle for viewing, and takes up little space.

2014-07-15 09.53.03.jpg

There’s not much that a dock does, other than connect to a computer, and let another device sit on it, but this one is fine. I don’t need a very long cable – as you can see above, it’s on my desk right in front of my Mac Pro – but the cable it comes with is 1.2 m (4 ft). The cable is permanently connected to the dock, so the only downside is that if you need a longer cable, you’ll have to get an extension, and if you want a shorter cable, you’ll have to use cable ties to wrap it up.

But it holds the iPhone securely, as well as my iPod touch, and will even hold my iPad Air, but it’s delicate to set that device on the dock correctly. Given that may main need was a dock that can work with my case, this one fits the bill. If you need an iPhone dock, check this one out.