Good Listens: The Leonard Lopate Show Podcast

mza_7074018866017961747.170x170-75.jpgI don’t have time to listen to a lot of podcasts, but one of the ones I’ve been listening to for ages is the Leonard Lopate Show, a radio show that is broadcast on WNYC in New York City. Mr. Lopate is a fascinating interviewer, and his show features guests in an eclectic range of subjects: books, movies, theater, science, health, language and much more.

Recent segments that have interested me include:

  • Just Because It’s on the Internet Doesn’t Mean It’s True
  • How Bad English Became Good English
  • Online Tracking Is Getting Creepier
  • How to Get Better Health Care from Your Doctor
  • House of Cards Author: Politics Isn’t a Place for Angels
  • Please Explain: Pain
  • Confidence, Crisis, and Compromise in America: 1848-1877
  • Genes, Race, and Human History
  • Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden and the ‘Inept and Menacing’ NSA
  • Words Wrought by Writers
  • The Secret Partnership Between Silicon Valley and the NSA

There are several segments a day, and, while I don’t listen to all of them, at least one a day interests me. One of the regular segments is Please Explain, where one or more experts explains a subject, such as pain, allergies, spiders, weeds, jellyfish and others.

There’s plenty of variety on this podcast, but Leonard Lopate does feature many well-known people. And he’s a wonderful interviewer, and seems to know a lot about each subject he covers (or does very good homework).

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