Glissando: A Neat New iPhone Music Player App

A neat new app for playing music on an iPhone and iPod touch came across my radar today. The 99¢ Glissando brings a new take to playing music from your library. Launch the app, and you’ll see album art filling must of your screen. The first thing you notice is that there are no buttons – to play or pause your music, just tap the screen. To move ahead or back to another song, just swipe to the right or left on the album art. To view your entire library, swipe down, and you’ll see playlists, artists, albums and podcasts.

The display is big and clear, and it’s perfect for listening to music when walking, running, exercising or anything else when you don’t want to have to zero in on the small buttons in Apple’s Music or iPod app.

There are other ways to access music. When you’re shuffling, if you come across a song by an artist you like, you can choose to play the album it’s from, or play other songs or albums by the artist. There’s even a Shuffle unplayed podcasts feature. And, since it interfaces fully with your library, it even updates the play counts and last played dates of tracks you listen to.

There are a couple of weaknesses, though. It can’t play Audible audiobooks, and doesn’t provide lists of composers or genres. Hopefully the developer will add these in the future. I’d also like to be able to scrub through certain tracks, especially podcasts, with a timeline. And it’d be nice if it could display lyrics. It’s only iPhone-sized, and I’d like to see a version for iPad with more features, to take advantage of the larger screen.

In the meantime, I’m glad I grabbed this for a buck. Check it out at

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