Get All Your iCloud Help in One Place

I discussed deleting documents from iCloud, in an article earlier today, and Dave Mark on The Loop, and in a Twitter discussion, mentioned how good and comprehensive the iCloud help is. He’s right; and it’s something most users don’t see.

Go to, then look at the top right of the window, next to your name. You’ll see a ?.


Click that icon, and a new window displays, showing you a number of help topics in the sidebar:


It’s a nifty window too; shrink it, and the sidebar goes away, leaving a menu icon at the top. Click the menu icon to see the topics.


They’re Apple’s standard support articles, just formatted differently, but they’re clear and well written, and they’re all easily organized in this window. You can search as well.

So, if you need help for iCloud, make sure to use this ressource.