Fujitsu Scanner: My Second Device Fails With Same Problem as First

I wrote not long ago about some terrible customer service from Fujitsu regarding a recently acquired S1500 M scanner. I got the scanner replaced finally from the Apple online store here in France, and it turns out the replacement has exactly the same problem.

I’ve narrowed it down to color scans: the scanner can automatically detect color and black and white, and scan accordingly. Since most of the scans I did the first time around were black and white, it only showed up occasionally, but I’m seeing exactly the same thing now: the colored lines you see below.


Fujitsu’s technical support told me this was a hardware problem; so what’s odd is getting two units with exactly the same problem. This suggests that there’s a whole series of bad scanners out there, and I’m not really tempted to get another only to have the same problem.

I’ll contact Apple soon – after I’ve finished scanning my accounting files, in black and white – and see what they want to do. But I’m disappointed that this scanner, which has gotten excellent reviews, has a repeatable problem like this.