Free iCloud Storage Space to Vaporize September 30

If, like me, you had an Apple MobileMe account when the company introduced iCloud, in October, 2011, you currently have a total of 25 GB, or a bonus of 20 GB to compensate for MobileMe. The older service had a 20 GB iDisk, and Apple felt that adding that 20 GB to the free 5 GB that comes with every iCloud account would be fair compensation.

Well, that free space will be vaporizing soon; on October 1, 2013, your iCloud account will go back to 5 GB.


For most people, this won’t make a difference. I only use less than 1 GB of my storage, as I only save a handful of documents to iCloud, preferring Dropbox. iCloud’s limitations – you can only open a file with the same app that created it (even though there are workarounds) – makes it too limited. Dropbox is far more flexible. I can open any files from my Dropbox folder with any app, and tons of iOS app support Dropbox as well, whereas there are no workarounds for iCloud on iOS to access files with different apps.

So, if you’re an iCloud user, be forewarned. I don’t know what Apple will do if you’re using more than 5 GB on the cut-off date; perhaps they’ll try to automatically charge you for the extra space. But have a look at your iCloud settings (System Preferences > iCloud) to make sure you’re under the limit. Unless, of course, you plan to renew with more than the basic 5 GB allocation.

What about you? How much space do you need for iCloud? Are you planning to pony up for a paid account? Feel free to post in the comments.