Don’t Like the iOS 6 Podcasts App? Get Rid of It

If you like to listen to podcasts, but are dismayed at the way they are relegated to their own Podcasts app in iOS 6 (and in iOS 5 as well), you don’t have to use the Podcasts app. What’s changed in iOS 6 is that podcasts no longer show up in the Music app; with iOS 5, they still did, and you had the option of using either app. Now, you no longer have that choice, assuming that you have the Podcasts app on your iOS device.

If you recall, you had to install it on its own; it’s not part of iOS. So if you’d rather continue to listen to podcasts in the Music app, just delete the Podcasts app. When you open the Music app, tap on Other and you’ll see a Podcasts entry. You can access your podcasts from there as you did before.

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23 thoughts on “Don’t Like the iOS 6 Podcasts App? Get Rid of It

  1. Thanks for solving this mystery for me. I had read many reports of ‘Podcasts no longer available in the Music app’ and yet I could still access them after upgrading to iOS 6. I gave the Podcasts app many attempts with an open mind and deleted it in anger at least twice.

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! When I upgraded to iOS 6 and all my podcasts were moved over to the Podcast app, everything broke and nothing would play.I had to use my old iPhone 3G as an iPod to listen. I just deleted the app on my 4S and now can happily zone out in podcastland.

  3. Update from yesterday’s post. This seems to be an iTunes 10.7 problem as trying to play from the iTunes app on the iPhone does the same thing. Podcasts freshly downloaded since the upgrade play normally but any old podcast (played or unplayed) will not play despite trying all the sync options in iTunes (all, Unplayed only, etc.). Back to the 3G.

  4. Today, I got the advice from my local Apple Store: go to Settings>General>reset>Erase all contents and settings. Then restore from your backup. I did this and everything appears to be fixed. It did take a couple of hours though.

  5. Is there a way to download new Podcasts on an iOS 6 mobile device w/o the Podcasts App or is a sync to iTunes required?

  6. Thanks for this, but in my Music App I don’t have an “Other” to tap to find the podcasts. I do not have a “purchased” option either. All my audiobooks have vanished for that matter. Any suggestions? Yes, I backed up before going to iOS 6…

    • You probably need to force-quit the Music app. Go to your home screen, then press and hold the home button. Find the Music app in the bar at the bottom, then tap and hold its icon until it jiggles. Tap on the x to close it. Press the home button again, then re-open the Music app.

  7. I just deleted the “podcasts” app. I hate it. But now my problem is that I cannot find my podcasts under “music”. I clicked on “other” and there is no link to my podcasts. How do I get to my downloaded podcasts???

  8. I just performed the appisection (appendectomy?) per your advice and it worked great. You’re performing a great public service here.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s the most elegant way to get our podcast playlist back in business.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing. I had to restart my phone after I removed the app before the podcasts would shop up under music, but thankfully they’re back and I can listen to them using my car’s iPhone link.

    Apple, what were you thinking!???

  11. I still cannot mix podcasts and spoken word audio files in the same playlist. To accomplish this I had to create an AAC version of the podcasts. This was a time and space consuming option and in my disgust with Apple’s refusal to leave well enough alone, i finally ordered a Galaxy S3.

  12. Maybe the podcast ap affects where files are stored and this is the reason I can no longer burn podcasts to CD in iTunes. Hate it.

  13. Thank you so much, having repeatedly downloaded new podcasts, synched my iphone and still found that I had to redownload all my new podcasts each time I had enough.
    And luckily I found your page :)

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