Did You Know that People Can Add You to Google Groups Without Your Permission?

Google’s getting more and more evil. Recently, they set up a system whereby anyone could send you email via Google+. Today I discovered that anyone can also add you to a Google Group – and spam you with lots of email – without your permission.

I got an email, in Arabic, about a group I was added to. I promptly clicking on the link in the email to leave the group, and to report spam, but I still got an email posted to the group. I found that I could change my settings, which, by default, allow people to invite and/or add me to Google Groups.

You can change this setting here. Enter your email address, then wait for Google to send you an email, which looks like this:


Click the link (the word “change”), then you’ll see this:


Uncheck either or both of these options, then click Save. You may still want to get invitations, but I can’t imagine that anyone wants to be added to groups without their permission.