Create a Morton Feldman iTunes Radio Station; in Name, at Least

Not long ago, I wrote that I was disappointed that I couldn’t create a Morton Feldman station on iTunes Radio. I tried again today:


Now, that’s progress. If you’d like to share my Morton Feldman iTunes Radio station, you can add it to your iTunes by clicking this link. Let’s show the world that there are lots of Morton Feldman fans!

I will note that, in a first listen, most of the music is new-agey type stuff, such as Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds, Ludovic Einaudi and others. There’s some Philip Glass, and Arvo Pärt, but I wonder if there will be any Morton Feldman… :-(

I also created a John Cage iTunes Radio station. That seems to have mostly music by John Cage, or by closely related composers.

Update: after a couple of hours, still not a single track by Morton Feldman. Now I get this: