Coming Soon: Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ, Second Edition

I’ve just finished my update to my ebook Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ. Unlike what Apple usually does, incrementing the iTunes version in the fall, this year they released iTunes 10.5, which is in spite of its version number, a fairly important upgrade. The iCloud features added to iTunes may change the way you use the program.

So, since we can’t name the book Take Control of iTunes 11, we’re appending a “Second Edition” to the title, to show that it is a major overhaul. All together, there are about 30 pages of new content, and dozens of pages that have been updated, revised or tweaked, as I have found new solutions and tricks, and in response to questions from readers.

This book will be released early January, and there will be a special upgrade price to owners of the first edition. Those who have purchased the book in the past few months (I don’t have an exact cut-off date yet), the upgrade will be free, and if you buy a copy now, the upgrade will, of course, be free as well.

As soon as it’s available, I’ll post more information here.