Beware of New Phishing Emails Targeting iPhone Users

There have been reports of iPhone users being held hostage by scammers locking their iPhones. No one hacked Apple’s servers; more likely, iPhone users got stung by phishing emails, and gave up their Apple IDs and passwords.

I just got another one of those emails. At first glance, it looks legit, and scary: the subject is Your Apple ID was used to sign in to iTunes on an iPhone 5. And the body of the message tells me that my Apple account might be disabled.


photo.PNGDon’t fall for it. Hover your cursor over the link in the email, or, if you’re on an iOS device, tap and hold the link until this pops up; you’ll see, as you can in the screenshot to the left, that the domain is not

Be careful. If you give up your Apple ID and password, not only can someone access your iTunes Store account and spend money, but they can also access your email, and your Find My iPhone settings, locking your phone, as the current scammers are doing.