Beleaguered? Apple Sells Billions of Dollars in iPhones in First Weekend

If there’s one thing the tech press contingent I am part of finds humorous, it’s the constant claims that APPLE IS DOOMED!!!! The company releases a new phone, but it’s a color some journalist or analyst doesn’t like; “beleaguered Apple can’t innovate any more.” They start shipping a new product, and can’t keep up with the massive demand; “Apple is failing to meet its targets.” And so on.

So, “beleaguered” Apple somehow managed to sell 9 million iPhones over the past weekend. In three days. If you take an average retail price of $250 1, that comes to $2.25 billion. That’s a lot of money for three days. Especially for a company that’s doomed.

This led Tim Cook to make his second ever tweet:


Update: If, as commenter Stephane says, Apple does not give any discount, then we can assume an average price of at least $600. That comes to $4.5 billion. And 9 million iPhones is about one for every 800 people on the planet…

  1. The lowest price for an iPhone 5c is $99 under contract; the lowest price for the 5s is $199 under contract. Given that lots of people bought models with more than 16 GB storage, and many bought unlocked phones, it’s save to say that the average price was well above the lowest end of the scale. This is just a guesstimate though.   ↩