Battery Issues with New iPod nano?

I’ve had my new iPod nano for about ten days, and I find it a very good device. It’s small, has decent capacity, and is easy to use in most situations. (I’ll write more about the nano soon, because it’s not always easy to use.)

But something odd came up today as I was using it. I went out for a walk, as I do most days, and walked for about 30 minutes. When I finished walking, I looked at the screen and the battery was almost dead. Now I used the iPod nano yesterday for about the same amount of time, then synced it; every day I do this. I don’t use it for anything else. Given the amount of batter life it’s supposed to have when playing music (up to 24 hours), the fact that it was nearly dead surprised me.

This made me wonder about something essential on this iPod: when does it go off? You see, there’s this button you press one one side of the device to turn it on, and you can press this button while you’re listening to music to turn the screen off. But what about when you stop listening to music, and put it down? Does it go off? If so, when?

I checked on Apple’s forums, and found this thread, where some people suggest making sure that you stop playing music when you finish using the device. I don’t leave music playing, so it’s obviously not that. But something in the nano seems to be using up the battery, even when I’m not listening to anything.

I’ll have to do some more tests – such as stop playing but not sync it when I finish – to see what is happening. Do any of you who have this new iPod nano have battery issues? If so, let me know in the comments.

Follow-up: So I did two tests over two days. On one day, I started playing a song, then paused it and let the iPod nano go off. On the second day, after charging the device, I left the nano on the main screen, with apps in view. The first time, the battery when down significantly, and the second the battery meter still looks full. So it seems that there may be a battery issue if you leave an iPod nano in pause mode with the Now Playing screen visible. More testing is necessary…

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