Bare Bones Updates TextWrangler: The Free Text Editor for Mac

Bare Bones Software has released TextWrangler 4.0, the amazing free text editor for Mac. Over the years, Bare Bones has maintained this free text editor and provided the Mac community with a powerful tool that does most of what you’ll need to do with a text editor. Yet I don’t use TextWrangler; I use the company’s flagship product BBEdit. The main reason for this is because of the many HTML tools that BBEdit offers; you can see a comparison of the two programs here. Aside from these HTML tools – which I use regularly when writing blog posts and other texts – most users will find TextWrangler more than sufficient.

The latest version of TextWrangler brings in a few key features that BBEdit got recently, notably a new Preferences window, making it easier to find the many preferences and settings the program offers. If you need a good text editor, check out TextWrangler; then check out BBEdit. While you’re at it, check out the great ebook, Take Control of BBEdit, by my colleague Glenn Fleishmann, who delves into the many obscure and useful features the program offers.